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We'll do the heavy lifting. You get the kudos. Radio Scripts. Production. Jingles. In the competitive advertising landscape radio must be nimble, quick and creative. Put us on your team and turn opportunity into dollars.
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Take your sweetheart to a movie. Go on a long walk. Exercise. Read a book.  Eat more ice cream. Plant a garden. Play with the kids. Watch a ball game. See more clients and increase your sales? Let us write the scripts and give you more time to do the things you want to do. 

“Mark has done wonders for our business with his creative and catchy scripts. Our clients repeat them back to us years after the first airing! They have helped us brand our company and our clients love them!”

Phillip Shane

Owner of Priority Pest Control

Our Services

Audio Production

A variety of professional voices, great sound effects and music your commercial will stand out from the crowd.

Jingle Production

Music is a hook to memory retention. The list of effective jingles and their marketing successes is illustrious and long. There's nothing keeping you from owning a jingle. Just ask.

Written Scripts

What can you do with 26 letters? Write a poem? Author a book? Pen a letter? Create a mental image on the radio to influence people to visit, buy, or contribute? Why yes... yes you can.

Quick Turns

Time is money. Beat the other guy to the punch and get the budget before they do. Seriously. Spec spot or short deadline. Standard two business day turnaround. Need it quicker? Lets chat!

Alfred Q. Peadiddy.

Who Started This?

Not this guy. Mark did. Mark’s a guy with just a smidgen over 30 years of media sales and management experience. Mark has written thousands of broadcast scripts including television, radio and digital copy writing. His favorite hands down is radio.  The opportunity to engage the theater of the mind makes radio scripts relevant to each listeners own experiences and a lot of fun to write.

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