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A Dalmatian is the official firehouse dog. Today they are primarily mascots. They originally served a vital role. Dalmatians would bark and alert bystanders to make way for the firewagon. Then the dogs would pace the horses that pulled the wagon defending them from other animals, running in pair alongside the fireman that raced to extinguish the flames. Firefighting was not always a public service.  Individual firehouses would race to the fire because the first wagon on scene would be the only one paid. Bright red paint, polished brass and a pair of Dalmatians became a status symbol for accomplished firehouses and their community. For our purposes, it’s a great visual connection to 911, the number dialed when you have an emergency. Just like barking Dalmatians alerted bystanders, our scripts capture attention.

Audio Production

A variety of professional voices, great sound effects and music your commercial will stand out from the crowd.

music note


Music is a hook to memory retention. The list of effective jingles and their marketing successes is illustrious & long.


Written Scripts

With 26 letters we can create a mental image that can influence a person to visit, buy, or contribute.

Quick Turns

Time is money. Spec spot or short deadline. Standard two business day turnaround. Need it quicker? Lets chat!


Mark did. A guy with just a smidgen over 30 years of media sales and management experience. He has written thousands of broadcast scripts including television, radio and digital copy writing. His favorite hands down is radio.  The opportunity to engage the theater of the mind makes radio scripts relevant to each listeners own experiences and a lot of fun to write. Creative writing and speech and debate experience in school have proven to be a great foundation for script writing.  Being a veracious reader,  influences from great wordsmiths like Roy Williams (no, not the basketball coach), Max Lucado, John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, Dr Seuss and others have inspired a desire to write well and be creative.


Well, the Cardinals already had a center fielder, and the Rolling Stones already had a lead singer. But if you really want to know why, it is actually, experience. As a General Sales Manager in Television and General Sales Manager and General Manager with a three station radio cluster, finding sales or production staff who could write scripts was like searching for Sasquatch. There were rumors of their existence, however, sightings were rare. Seeing the laborious effort and investment of inordinate amounts of time trying to write scripts – well it was downright frustrating. So Mark would say, “Let me do it for you.” It turned out that sellers liked his turnaround, and most importantly, clients got results. “As I got busier and busier, I started searching for a script writing resource that was fast, creative and affordable…and continually struck out.” So everyone kept telling me, “You should do this!” And when the dogs said, “You love this – do it!” well, that’s why Mark started RadioScripts 911! Every radio salesperson needs a Mark.

Radio still works!  For 100 years radio has got the job done.  After surviving 8-track tapes, cassette tape, CD’s, satellite radio and MP3 players, according to National Advertisers Bureau, over 92% of all adults in the U.S. still tune into local radio during the week.

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