Custom Jingle


Our Jingle Package includes a custom score, lyrics, and production. We write it. You approve it. We produce it. You own it. Your script is market exclusive. The final audio is delivery as separate MP3 files.

  • Songs help us remember! It’s how most of us learn our “ABC’s” It is estimated we can recall the lyrics to over a 1,000 songs we never meant to memorize.
  • Jingles are sound branding. Your client stands out!
  • Contains one or more “memory hooks” promoting your client.
  • You hear the music on radio or TV and immediately know who the business is… that’s a great jingle.
  • “I just can’t get that jingle out of my head!”

Audio Files Provided:

  • Sing In
  • Sing Out
  • Donuts
  • :30’s and :60’s


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